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Gliwice bridge over Klodnica River

Hello Everyone!

Post about SHM of wonderful Gliwice bridge over Klodnica River 😊.

A first-class infrastructure is an inevitable factor for economic growth. Bridges have a key position in this infrastructure system. Its functional failure or collapse has significant economic and financial consequences. For this reason, it is important to regularly monitor the current bridge condition, and derive estimates of the remaining service life. This ensures a safe and economically sensible use for existing structures. For this purpose, The research is conducted on the real bridge within DTS (Silesian Central Motorway) in Gliwice (Shared object for INFRASTAR project), which is instrumented with various sensorsThe location of the bridge is illustrated in Figure below.  The sensors were install by NeoStrain in the construction during the erection works.

Figure: Gliwice Bridge 

It is located along the Katowice - Gliwice Route within DTS (Silesian Central Motorway). The purpose is to overcome an obstacle, which is the Kłodnica river with the flooding area.  It consists of twelve-span continuous beam made of pre-stressed concrete and total length of the bridge is 552m. In cross-section there are two beams connected with a monolithic plate. There are two steel pot bearings on each support.

Figure: Gliwice Bridge length

The prediction of bridge system credibility in the future is serving on the performance functions of components. So the sensors were embedded in concrete during the construction to measure the changes in the structure. But!!
  • What is the challenges in real object related to SHM?
  • Types of measurement system?
  • Characterization of SHM contribution to sustainability of built environment?
would you like to know more?Wait for next writing!!Till then bye........

See you!!Joyraj


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